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If a parent is surprised to hear about a child's absence, administrators would essentially know the student was skipping class.
Porthcawl Comprehensive has become the first school in Bridgend county to invest in a new system which alerts parents when their children are skipping class - with a mobile phone text message.
My grades are in the tank, I've been skipping class and news is circulating that I was arrested over the weekend for eluding Lane County sheriff's deputies - one of whom tried to pull me over for illegally passing a car - during a 5-mile chase through Eugene in my mother's 1978 Chrysler LeBaron.
One principal told him that at first, the ePrincipal software--which allows schedules, demographic information, locker combinations and other student information to be stored on a handheld--was used to catch kids who were skipping class.
Hannah, 14 NEXT WEEK: With thousands of kids skipping class every day, what do you think schools should be doing to encourage pupils to turn up and learn?
TRUANCY in England's schools rose to record levels last year, with about 63,000 pupils skipping class every day, Government figures suggest.
Here he plays a young tearaway called Shane who, when not in trouble at school for skipping class, is having run-ins with his emotionally distant dad, Connor, who's captain of the local fire station.
That was about the same time he started skipping class and getting into fights.
There were fears that the so-called "education Asbos" which will punish young people for skipping class will simply be treated as a "badge of honour".
Truancy rose by 10 per cent in England during September with 55,000 pupils skipping class daily.
Sleeping in or skipping class was not an option at the new campus.
SKIPPING class is normally frowned upon by schools - but it was encouraged for a whole day at a Coventry school.