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This changed in the late 18th century as old enemies like the French fielded organized skirmishers ahead of their infantry to obtain intelligence, snipe and otherwise harass and disrupt the enemy ranks.
Using the robotic coup d'oeil described, maneuver swarms could deploy along the length of the enemy front as skirmishers and gather data on the composition and disposition of enemy forces they encounter.
Three new factions have joined the resistance against the aliens - the Reapers, Skirmishers and Templars - opening up new strategic and tactical options in your fight against the hated extraterrestrial menace.
Whatever the cause, the 2 QOR's formation fell into confusion and Fenian skirmishers, seizing the opportunity, drove them and the entire militia force from the field.
When the American Civil War broke out in 1861, Buell accepted a commission with the army as a 2nd Lieutenant and led a company of skirmishers at the Second Battle of Bull Run and the Battle of Antietam.
A knight, for example, required "a team of half a dozen men," including a mounted scout and skirmishers, known as a "lance," and in the fourteenth century the French knight adopted highly ornamented plate armor and chose to fight dismounted, "partly out of considerations of pure gallantry" (Howard 3, 12).
During the attack, McPherson tried to evade capture on horseback and was shot by Confederate skirmishers.
Public Diplomacy with its light funding, its light arms, are rather the scouts and skirmishers that move ahead of the infantry.
Some skirmishers had to precede these dispersed columns, but skirmish lines and linear tactics were avoided.
It must be that the Force [Tirah Expeditionary Force] is opposed to perhaps the best skirmishers and best natural rifle-shots in the world; and that the country they inhabit is probably the most difficult on the face of the globe.
The poem begins with an army pressing forward, its "cloud of skirmishers in advance" (Miller, Sequel 20).