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n. slang for maximum, as the most interest that can be charged on an "adjustable rate" promissory note.

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There are tens of millions of Muslim men who do not sport a beard in a particular style or wear a skull cap as there are an equal number of Muslim women who do not wear a veil.
Modi, who had refused to wear a skull cap offered to him at the public meeting, had stated that he didn't believe in the " politics of appeasement." Two police complaints have been lodged against Hasan at Nadiad ( West) and Thasra police stations.
So, are we to see the same ban on other items of religious affection being worn at work, like the Star of David, kippahs (Jewish skull caps), bindis (red dot on the female forehead), turbans and burkas in any form etc.
But he opened the way for the new generation," said Ali Sever, a 76-year-old man wearing a skull cap as he stood among mourners.
The next thing Obama could ask the Arabs to do, in return for stopping the settlement building activity, could be to drop their head dress (the ghutra) as a prelude to wearing Jewish yarmuka (Jewish skull cap) instead, Khoury said.
uses a skull cap studded with electrodes; Em-Sense Corp.
corner, years after high school, clad in black from skull cap to toes.
And the only difference in costume between him and the other men of business were prayer threads that hung a few inches below his suit jacket, and a black skull cap he wore on his head.
Cerise and black up-turned brim, pounds 115 Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY' Black and white feather fascinator, pounds 85' Pebble and chocolate feather fascinator, pounds 85' Teardrop skull cap with black feathers, pounds 95
I tried it for myself at the Bridgestone research facility and ended up driving against the clock while wearing a skull cap which on the inside has tiny points from which electrical impulses from the brain are sent to a computer.