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Macau's glitz and lights, towering sky scrapers, endless rows of uber-luxury outlets lend a surreal, if not unreal, air to the whole place, inducing a sense of Vegas-style deja vu.
Interestingly, it could be argued that Liverpool has still failed to build a true sky scraper.
Young people in this country cannot afford to buy homes -- it's a real problem -- and all the while these ugly sky scrapers are going up in areas where they do not belong," Rai added.
Nahla revealed that she carefully choose sites that have not appeared in previous clips, including several towers and sky scrapers to show the true beauty of the modern city that has become a hub for all nationalities.
The earthquake was powerful enough to sway sky scrapers several hundred kilometers away in Mexico City.
There were many projects championing darker skies, the best being a sparkling and well-documented talk from Hong Kong about their efforts to get sky scrapers and advertisers to switch off--at least for an hour now and then.
The artist is fascinated by urbanization, the sky scrapers standing proudly as symbol of human development and achievement and the reflection that it makes in water, these images are found in the city and unnoticed by the busy passer-by.
Hotels, multi-story garages, golf courses, sky scrapers, as well as mini towns will be put up.