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SLANDERER. A calumniator, who maliciously and without reason imputes a crime or fault to another, of which he is innocent.
     2. For this offence, when the slander is merely verbal, the remedy is an action on the case for damages; when it is reduced to writing or printing, it is a libel. (q.v.)

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Vice hath not, I believe, a more abject slave; society produces not a more odious vermin; nor can the devil receive a guest more worthy of him, nor possibly more welcome to him, than a slanderer.
With all this my good reader will doubtless agree; but much of it will probably seem too severe, when applied to the slanderer of books.
Again, though there may be some faults justly assigned in the work, yet, if those are not in the most essential parts, or if they are compensated by greater beauties, it will savour rather of the malice of a slanderer than of the judgment of a true critic to pass a severe sentence upon the whole, merely on account of some vicious part.
These children may most truly be called the riches of their father; and many of them have with true filial piety fed their parent in his old age: so that not only the affection, but the interest, of the author may be highly injured by these slanderers, whose poisonous breath brings his book to an untimely end.
According to Ina Habermann (2), the theatricality of detraction is revealed in the "slander triangle," the idea that defamation requires a slanderer, a victim, and a listener.
In his turn, Sizopoulos, speaking to CyBC, called Constantinou "a cheap slanderer," as to the latter's claims that Diko and Edek are scheming to scupper Gesy.
So, should someone in Lanao who feels he has been libeled go all the way to Quezon City to file his case because it is where his slanderer frequents and is familiar with?
If not, you are a slanderer,"AaAeAeA Erdogan said during a spee at the end of November, according to an Al Jazeera (http://www.
Veteran dissident Adam Michnik was hated by the nationalists for being another "Jewish slanderer," and even more for having been a hero of the anti-Communist struggle that most of his latter-day critics had sat out.
Once an eager champion of moral integrity and honesty and a slanderer of hypocrites and corrupt officials, Lin Shu became disappointed in his later years with officialdom, as he wrote with weariness that "to become an official, these two words are just like a horrible infection" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
But if you don't present the evidence, you are either a partner in the violations, or you are negligent, a liar and a slanderer," Fneish said during the session.
These peculiar texts, commonly interpreted as protection against a slanderer, end in a curse: (41)