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chrisjones [bar] THERE'S already plenty of empty and unused office space across the city that could be utilised, and Butetown, which will be slap bang in the middle of WAG and this site, continues to be one of the poorest and most deprived areas of Wales.
It came down and there it was slap bang in the middle of the bowling green.
Tired of not belonging, he sympathises with out-of-work miners and finds himself slap bang in the middle of the West Virginia coal wars.
The 2006 Ryder Cup winning captain lives slap bang next to the La Moye course and is guaranteed the lion's share of the home support as he continues the defence of his John Jacobs Trophy.
The latest addition to its stable is slap bang in the middle of a shopping centre and, while the out-and-out weirdness is toned down, the fairytale flavour hasn't.
And the number 25 is slap bang in the middle of Troy's crotch.
But TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: "February is slap bang in the middle of the cold and flu season and to suggest that the thousands of employees who are genuinely off ill today are throwing a 'sickie' is hugely insulting.
Unusually for BBC1, nightly news is slap bang in the middle.
Secondly, the seedy Paradise Forum beneath the building is an appalling advertisement for Birmingham and slap bang between the ICC/NIA and our wonderful city centre shopping.
For me, Chelsea's scrappy comeback win over Paris Sainty-Germain is a major boost for Liverpool with the Londoners' visit to Anfield next Sunday coming slap bang in the middle of their two-legged Champions League semi-final against Atletico Madrid.
The driver of the Land Rover cheekily parked their car slap bang on top of a traffic island in a busy Bordesley Green street.