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Derry said: "I was just sick of being called 'slaphead' by my mates and decided to have it done.
past words 'If a red-faced slaphead lumbers wearily past you, all words of encouragement will be most welcome ...'
Some of my fellow slapheads find it hard to come to terms with their baldness, turning to desperate measures such as toupees or sports cars to compensate for their follicle deficit.
I've been mistaken for a few people since becoming a slaphead - like East Enders hardman Grant Mitchell and USA and Blackburn keeper Brad Friedel.
Tony shuffled some papers, armed himself with a pen and proceeded to scribble the word slaphead four times across the blank pad on his desk.
And first among them is Brother Alfie, he who is called Slaphead because of his celebrations.
The 35-year-old writer, who has lost her hair from chemotherapy, said she was called 'slaphead' by a gang of thugs who knocked her to the floor and filmed the attack on their mobile phones.
Betway quote 5-1 for the disgraced slaphead to "unresign" and serve out his full term as FIFA president.
SLAPHEAD: Pepe Reyna makes his point to James Peach.
One of the other attractions on display, Column aka "Slaphead", is a collaboration between Alison and sound designer Rose Dodd.
The response: "Bad shirt, shoes slaphead " and views from Shearer again.
THE OLD AGE RAP Here's a catchy little song That will make your big toes tap With tongue in cheek It's called The Old Age Rap Thisworld is for the young It just doesn't seem fair That when you get old Nobody really does care With a crinkly old face Andmy hair falling out "How's it goin', slaphead?" The cruel kids shout "Hemust be at least 100" That's the vicious rumour But I can take a joke Must bemy unique Scouse humour I look like Father Christmas Withmy big fat tum If you seemefromthe rear I've got amassive bum!