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OZzzz's Sleep Aid for Children management issued a statement saying, "OZzzz's Sleep Aid for Children is proud to announce these new initiatives which will enable us to reach and help more parents and children with our over-the-counter sleep aids.
But many people are skeptical of drug-based sleep aids, which are typically loaded with calories and other chemicals.
If Santa finds out with the help of Sleep Aid that he suffers from sleep apnea, we strongly suggest that he should consult his doctor, consider his diet, skip eggnogs and use a pillow to form a belly next Christmas", laughs CEO Ossi Tiihonen.
Though many health food stores already stock the hormone as a sleep aid, evidence to justify such self-medication remains merely suggestive.
OTCPink: MNZO), today announced Manzo Pharmaceuticals has finished the development of its newest product, a natural sleep aid that the company has named Somnaid(TM).
Valerian, an herbal sleep aid, accounts for approximately $50 million in sales in the U.
An experimental device that emits a low-energy electromagnetic field beats counting sheep as a sleep aid, according to researchers who tested the novel technique in a double-blind study.
As more Americans become aware that sleep is as important as food or exercise, marketers will find greater opportunities for both traditional and alternative sleep aid products.
A non-medicated solution for restless nights, the sleep aid gradually releases lavender and chamomile aromas to promote relaxation and create a better sleep environment.
com), the nutritional products company focused on improving life performance, today announced the availability of Sleep1[TM], a nutrient-filled, non-prescription sleep aid designed to provide a sound night's rest.