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The sensor spends most of its time in sleep mode, waking briefly every few minutes to take measurements.
With the ability to keep their home PC in sleep mode until they actually need it, people are bound to want access to their photos, videos and music literally anytime, anywhere.
Power is saved by automatically disabling the BOD during sleep mode and re-enabling it when the controller wakes up - before it executes any instructions.
The SiM3L1xx MCUs also achieve significant reduction in sleep-mode power by optimizing on-chip peripherals (charge pump, RTC, sensor interface, sleep mode UART, comparator and LCD controller) for the lowest power consumption.
While running the EEMBC CoreMark benchmark, Atmel s SAM L21 family delivers ultra-low power running down to 40oA/MHz in active mode, consuming less than 900nA with full 32kB RAM retention and real-time clock and calendar, and 200nA in the deepest sleep mode.
Following the realization, team built a small USB-connected hardware and software plug-in system that allows a PC to remain in sleep mode while continuing to maintain network presence and run well-defined application functions.
When in LOWQ(TM) mode, the output voltage drops to 1V, thereby reducing the current draw by the circuit being powered, reducing power in Sleep Mode and increasing stand-by time -- an important feature for today's cell phones.
The 6DoF-IMU SD746, designed for motion measurement in consumer and industrial applications, now comes with a low current consumption sleep mode allowing system wake-up by motion detection
The ApeosPort-IV C series, which were released in December 2011, achieved virtually zero waiting time experience from the sleep mode by introducing the system technology that combines three newly-developed technologies (Fig.
Highly Integrated SX8733 Monitors up to Two Temperature Diodes and Its Own Temperature; Its Low-Power Design Enables Temperature Monitoring of ASICs During Sleep Mode
The IS-136 terminals also support a new short message service, enabling the phones to receive calls, and text messages of approximately 80 characters, either in sleep mode or while the subscriber is on a voice call.
Newly Designed Satellite Laptops Capable of Powering and Charging Electronic Products When Off, On or in Sleep Mode