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You can also access Sleep Mode from a Joy-Con or Pro Controller.
Sleep mode consumes the least amount of power of the four modes, since all functional units are disabled.
While running the EEMBC CoreMark benchmark, Atmel s SAM L21 family delivers ultra-low power running down to 40oA/MHz in active mode, consuming less than 900nA with full 32kB RAM retention and real-time clock and calendar, and 200nA in the deepest sleep mode.
Following the realization, team built a small USB-connected hardware and software plug-in system that allows a PC to remain in sleep mode while continuing to maintain network presence and run well-defined application functions.
Manufacturers are required to ship computers with the sleep mode feature enabled.
Smart WelcomEyes is a sensing technology that enables the device to automatically recover from the sleep mode by detecting a person approaching the device for use.
When would this high cost make using a Deep Sleep mode worthwhile?
6 V, the MCU is in sleep mode for the majority of the time, waking up periodically to capture data.