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The College Principal Dr Mansoor Sarwar said the centre had the capacity to house 10-15 babies at a time and it had also playing area, sleeping place, washroom and kitchen to prepare foods for kids and the kitchen had microwave oven and refrigerator facilities.
Poppy has been curling up in her favourite sleeping place - cuddled up on top of William.
In Old French, litiere, a derivative of lit, "bed," could refer to a sleeping place in a general way, but it was more typically applied to either a curtained portable couch, or to straw spread on the ground as a sleeping place for animals.
Mr Payne found a sleeping place in a cave by the sea at Cullercoats.
Norman Eldridge, 59, was attacked just after midnight on July 2 when he was at his usual sleeping place u the stairwell of the first floor of Brackla's short-term multi-storey car park.
In contrast to Dickens' dark, claustrophobic alleyway terrain, Greene's South African topography is spacious, including the orphanage that stretches out to seemingly unlimited lengths behind a fence and Twist's cavernous sleeping place on the mortuary floor between empty coffins.
Although by now frail and in ill-health, Dindu laid out the bedding for my wife and me and saw to it that we had a private sleeping place to ourselves in the sadau (loft).
Approximately one-third of the participants who had slept outside reported being dislodged from their sleeping place by agents of social control (i.
All you have to do is unhook a couple of straps and pull it down, ready made (or rather, because it was the kids' sleeping place, ready unmade).
For co-sleepers, your first order of business is to create a safe sleeping place.
The brief of the Peninsula House was simple: the owners wanted a living room including a kitchen and dining space, a sleeping place and a library.
My concern on reading that Pal's owner just got another pug is that if she persists in having this dog sleep in Pal's ``customary sleeping place outdoors,'' this new pug is in real danger of suffering the same fate as her predecessor.