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Environmental risk factors, presence of black-cracked cotton soil near sleeping place (COR: 3.17, 95% CI: 1.05-9.57, and p value: 0.04) and presence of domestic animals near sleeping area (COR: 3.05, 95% CI: 1.01-9.23, and p value: 0.04), had a statistically significant association with the increased seroprevalence of L.
The word itself originates from the Greek meaning sleeping place. Personally, I am most comfortable with the first definition.
Right now, lift the ball from its sleeping place inside an old leather glove.
One of the peculiarities of this set of rules is that it divides prisoners into castes, where the lowest of the low are the so-called 'sunken ones', untouchables used as objects of sexual violence and assigned a sleeping place next to the latrine.
It was about the fifth night of the tour, the bus was headed for that night's sleeping place. Nobody was singing the songs, it was dark inside the bus except for little lights at some seats.
The cat rises from its sleeping place. A show of static electricity flickers along its tail.
Checks at his sleeping place as well as the belongings of other trainees in his dormitory were futile as no hair or sharp objects were found," Abdul Hadi said.
To determine the meaning of owner-occupied buildingunder the RLTO, the appellate court turned to the definition of dwelling unit, which is a building "used as a home, residence or sleeping place.., together with the common areas, land and appurtenant buildings thereto:' Under this definition, the court found the coach house clearly to be part of the landlord's dwelling unit, as the coach house is appurtenant to the building where Toy lives and is located at the same address.
The College Principal Dr Mansoor Sarwar said the centre had the capacity to house 10-15 babies at a time and it had also playing area, sleeping place, washroom and kitchen to prepare foods for kids and the kitchen had microwave oven and refrigerator facilities.
Poppy has been curling up in her favourite sleeping place - cuddled up on top of William.
Word History: The different meanings of the word litter all grew out of the basic notion "bed." In Old French, litiere, a derivative of lit, "bed," could refer to a sleeping place in a general way, but it was more typically applied to either a curtained portable couch, or to straw spread on the ground as a sleeping place for animals.
Mr Payne found a sleeping place in a cave by the sea at Cullercoats.