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In one of the roadside encampments, known as "Camp Cal," the men had developed a furtive technique of carefully timing their entrance and exit from the bushes in order to keep their sleeping place secrete.
Finally, thanks to one woman, and all of those who decide to go on supporting her attempt to raise the $4,000 it will take to buy the 100 beds and 100 hammocks these domes can hold, there will be 200 dry sleeping places for orphans in earthquake-devastated Haiti.
He directed the state police to protect shops at night while businessmen serving in Rumbek town market should rent their sleeping places outside their respective shops without failure.
There was the man, whose life was so much in danger that he had changed his sleeping places, swapping personal comfort for Dutch protection, telling off the media for "sensationalising" his asylum at the Dutch embassy
Bilum are woven string bags made by women throughout Melanesia to carry food and other items and, when suspended from a rafter or a tree branch, provide secure sleeping places for babies.
On one occasion, covered in snow and warm in their beds, the men were unwilling to rise from their sleeping places and face the cold.
Effects included changes to young mens' sleeping places and to cooking arrangements, and substitution of payment for reciprocal labour in the construction of houses.
It has laid on free sleeping places for those with nowhere to go.
Extra trains are being laid on and plans are in place to use two of the city's sports stadiums as sleeping places for the pilgrims.
The small tortoiseshell, for example, is adept at finding sleeping places in sheds and spare bedrooms.