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He said: "I first saw him on television and his sleight-of-hand stuff was brilliant.
From there, she reveals the multitude of sleight-of-hand measures governments have taken to limit the freedom of people who were being terrified by government warnings of terrorism.
It's shameful, sleight-of-hand political manipulation and should not be allowed.
A male prestidigitator performs a series of tricks using cards whose backs are blocks of primary colors--the kind of cards Mondrian might have used had he been a sleight-of-hand man--and a younger female assistant tries her hand at a few of the same.
He did it all with an economic sleight-of-hand even his most determined enemies could not fathom.
Most people apparently harbored no illusions that the Turk was a genuine automaton, and attended the shows in order to discover by what sleight-of-hand the operator was controlling the machine.
The "surplus" calculation involves a sleight-of-hand in which the government's financial wizards ignore the government's raiding of social security and other trust funds.
Peering back into the history of Social Security, authors Charles O'Donnell and Robert Strittmatter explain the political sleight-of-hand that has made the trust funds appear and disappear over the years.
Through industrial sleight-of-hand, Americans are led to believe in product safety, then are gradually poisoned by a cornucopia of unpronounceable chemicals.
When sound enters the dances, it is the choreographer's original rap poetry (very stream-of-consciousness and spiritual) or DJ Bizznizz's sleight-of-hand productions at the turntables that occupy the upstage center spot for the duration of the concert.
placed third for some masterful digital sleight-of-hand.
It dealt very differently with Joe Borowski's scientific evidence about the humanity of the unborn: "In Morgentaler, the Supreme Court resembled a magician who, by sleight-of-hand, pulls the rabbit from a hat; in Borowski the magician sulks off stage and refuses to perform because the hat is now empty.