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He said: "I first saw him on television and his sleight-of-hand stuff was brilliant.
He did it all with an economic sleight-of-hand even his most determined enemies could not fathom.
Most people apparently harbored no illusions that the Turk was a genuine automaton, and attended the shows in order to discover by what sleight-of-hand the operator was controlling the machine.
The "surplus" calculation involves a sleight-of-hand in which the government's financial wizards ignore the government's raiding of social security and other trust funds.
Through industrial sleight-of-hand, Americans are led to believe in product safety, then are gradually poisoned by a cornucopia of unpronounceable chemicals.
When sound enters the dances, it is the choreographer's original rap poetry (very stream-of-consciousness and spiritual) or DJ Bizznizz's sleight-of-hand productions at the turntables that occupy the upstage center spot for the duration of the concert.
placed third for some masterful digital sleight-of-hand.
It dealt very differently with Joe Borowski's scientific evidence about the humanity of the unborn: "In Morgentaler, the Supreme Court resembled a magician who, by sleight-of-hand, pulls the rabbit from a hat; in Borowski the magician sulks off stage and refuses to perform because the hat is now empty.
Such sleight-of-hand is rather typical of Graff, despite his efforts to appear fair and equally critical of the closed-mindedness of both conservatives and radicals.
We have spectacular illusions, awe inspiring close-up sleight-of-hand tricks, thought provoking academic speakers, and gut-busting comedy magic.
Alex Salmond said: "This is an extremely important, powerful and welcome motion passed by the Scottish parliament, which exposes the sleight-of-hand at the centre of the UK Government's position.
Children will take part in sleight-of-hand tricks but Fr O'Connell claimed even these were "against God".