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But in my days, there were players in every team who had that slight of hand. They were playing the music with the ball and every club in Wales had them, from Ebbw Vale to Llanelli to Swansea to Abertillery.
MARK Lewis-Francis was fleet K of foot after someone had been slight of hand on the opening day of athletics competition at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.
Marcus does not believe in demons and callously uses slight of hand to produce frightening effects for his paying clients.
It's a dazzling slight of hand, though a third segment - when the play is performed again, with disastrous consequences - is surplus to requirements.
"I thought the skill he showed to create the try for Lee Byrne - the footwork, the slight of hand - was quite sensational.
Although I admit to examining them very carefully to ensure we have not been duped by some printing slight of hand. This trend is simply a signaling device to tell us just how discounted, irrelevant and anemic our communication has become in meeting the human, relational needs of our market.
In addition to some fancy slight of hand, the real "trick" was in distracting audience attention to a grandiose, yet inconsequential movement while deftly pocketing a card or tucking a foam ball in the opposite hand.
We have, by slight of hand and intellectual contortions, repeated the old satanic deception and, like the serpent in Genesis 3, we have asked, "Did God really say ...?"
This statistical slight of hand was first reported by Prioleau, Murdock & Brody (1983) and echoed by others since then (e.g., Cautilli & Skinner, 2001).
SLIGHT of hand and card tricks will be on show when Chalcroft Construction makes its debut at Foodex this year.
I counted at least a dozen typographical errors and one incorrect use of terminology ("slight of hand" rather than sleight of hand).
You will enjoy the deception and the twists and even the final little slight of hand (in plain view of 30 cameras).