sleight of hand

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But in my days, there were players in every team who had that slight of hand.
I thought the skill he showed to create the try for Lee Byrne - the footwork, the slight of hand - was quite sensational.
Of course, with TV being an entertainment medium, there's got to be a little magic or slight of hand going on.
Although I admit to examining them very carefully to ensure we have not been duped by some printing slight of hand.
In addition to some fancy slight of hand, the real "trick" was in distracting audience attention to a grandiose, yet inconsequential movement while deftly pocketing a card or tucking a foam ball in the opposite hand.
We have, by slight of hand and intellectual contortions, repeated the old satanic deception and, like the serpent in Genesis 3, we have asked, "Did God really say .
This statistical slight of hand was first reported by Prioleau, Murdock & Brody (1983) and echoed by others since then (e.
SLIGHT of hand and card tricks will be on show when Chalcroft Construction makes its debut at Foodex this year.
With slight of hand andcharm you expect to find with a five star hotel maitre de I was directed to another empty table, the interlopers were left undisturbed and feathers were left unruffled.
You will enjoy the deception and the twists and even the final little slight of hand (in plain view of 30 cameras).
When a magician shows slight of hand the way Okocha juggled with his feet, they give him his own TV show.
But the slight of hand currently employed depends on no one asking tough, logical questions about why certain policies are necessary.