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One year today you slipped away, but in our hearts forever you will stay.
In loving memory of our special mam Jean (little Jean), who slipped away 14th January 2010, and our special dad Alan, who slipped away 18th July 2010.
This match may have slipped away - although while we're still fighting I'll be praying for a miracle - but there's still the Fifth Test to play and that's when we'll need somebody to stand up and be counted.
But over time, those places slipped away from the landscape, and now when he looks around, he doesn't see much for children to do.
His lover, Ethan-Cael Kenney, had to tell Jeff he had three hours to live; then Jeff slipped away.
Then suddenly the emperor's new clothes slipped away and the lack of inventive creativity became obvious; by contrast strange Dutch, Swiss, Austrian, Spanish or even foreign-born Londoners had been making some original pieces of architecture.
And they were not disappointed, as the covering protecting the etching slipped away to reveal a blue cross.
Khan--who had previously descended into suicidal despair--became disenchanted with his mission and slipped away to Atlantic City, where he blew a wad of al-Qaeda cash at a casino.