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They began to speak and Ashley, 17, reached out to grab hold of his father to stop him slipping away.
At lunch we were really disappointed so we all had a get-together and told each other that we needed to pull our fingers out because the match was slipping away," he said.
Thompson admitted: "You just think the whole season could be slipping away in front of your eyes.
Choose your board of directors for their desire and ability to support your work, and you will never feel that the legal entity is slipping away from you.
Clark Grew II, said "there is no crisis in the diocese of Ohio, except the one created by a group that hopes to hold on to attention that is slipping away as time passes.
Today the general public cares little about the politicians who quietly affect their lives and hardly notices the civil liberties that are, one-by-one, slipping away.
the retention and revitalization of Aboriginal languages also presented some challenges, as many people have found their Aboriginal languages slipping away from lack of use.