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She has spent the past two years working at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica and, using PS30,000 she raised in a "crowd-funding" campaign, has begun carrying out an exhaustive study of the slow moving animals in the country's extensive jungles.
The idea that the moths benefit from hanging around sloths is "not at all new" says Adriano Garcia Chiarello, a biologist at the University of Sao Paulo.
Sloths are an exception, with up to 10 vertebrae in their neck.
Sloths are known as small or cute creatures now, but they were not so petite in the past.
When they arrive, they see the entire place is run by sloths who work at a little less than lightning speed.
EYE'VE HAD A SHOCK Sloths are power line victims in Costa Rica
I ended up staying for a couple of days and helping out with the sloths that had been rescued from poachers.
Because sloths live in tall trees and can shed this bacterium in their feces, human contamination might occur through inhalation of infectious aerosols from feces.
She calls her sloths "three-fingered" instead of the more common "three-toed" because all sloths, even so-called two-toed species, actually have three toes on their hind legs.
Greg McDonald, National Park Service's Senior Curator of Natural History, will offer an intimate look at extinct giant ground sloths, including their ecology, evolution and how to tell the "boys" from the "girls," from fossils discovered by Darwin in South America to remains later unearthed in Oregon; Mc Donald will discuss recent research on giant sloths and the light it sheds on their natural history; free; 541-346-3024.
A recent attempt by Dallas World Aquarium officials to remove critically endangered pygmy three-toed sloths from an island in Panama got nixed by local police and residents, caused an international uproar, and sparked off an intense debate on conservation methodologies.