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Others started a slow handclap before she had uttered even a word.
45am a slow handclap has broken out accompanied by the chant: "C'mon Elton - give us a song.
Understandably, after all that had gone before, some of the crowd started to slow handclap and that arrogant English patriot Kevin Pietersen (from South Africa) joined in clapping sarcastically.
She reeled off a string of errors, reducing the crowd to a slow handclap in the second set.
At yesterday's conference, Mr Darling was given a slow handclap by delegates furious at the 2,500 post office closures after he told them that new technologies, such as the internet and changing consumer habits had challenged the network.
The reason for the slow handclap was that Mr Blair used the occasion as a platform to make a party political speech having previously promised that this would not be the case.
But on his return to Bramall Lane in early June, he was on the receiving end of the slow handclap .
He was out of order though in encouraging a slow handclap welcome back to his dressing room for referee Steve Dunn.
The slow handclap and boos accompanied Ipswich to the dressing room at half-time.
When I was fighting, if you took more than five minutes to get in the ring they all started giving you the slow handclap.
But as Jamie Vardy potted the 100th goal of Roy Hodgson's reign last night, wasteful England responded with the equivalent of a slow handclap.
He was heckled and subjected to a slow handclap during a rambling speech, and there were relieved cheers as he stumbled off stage after 10 minutes.