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More reset scrums resulted in a slow handclap from the small Liberty Stadium crowd.
The meal begins with the Selkirk Grace, then a piper leads the chef, carrying the haggis to the top table, while the guests accompany them with a slow handclap.
But a 17,121 West Riding crowd witnessed a dour tussle which prompted a slow handclap from the blue and white contingent.
The Tories fear he will face a "Women's Institute moment" - a reference to the way Tony Blair was humiliated in 2000 when disgruntled WI members gave him a slow handclap.
Running to 108 mins, Love Happens begins to feel so much in danger of lasting for three hours that an unintentionally slow handclap will have some cinemagoers joining in.
Before I know it I am inside the Phoenix Park and although I am about as fast as a slow handclap I am still jogging.
He will never live down his decision to allow the Prime Minister to appear before the Women's Institute before the last election, only to be given a slow handclap.
The Government and the unions now appear to be on a collision course after the speech, which had to be halted twice as union leaders tried to stop chanting, jeering and a slow handclap.
It was only 18 minutes before the first slow handclap was ringing round St Helen's, probably both in recognition of the pedantic refereeing and low standard of rugby.
45am a slow handclap has broken out accompanied by the chant: "C'mon Elton - give us a song.
Understandably, after all that had gone before, some of the crowd started to slow handclap and that arrogant English patriot Kevin Pietersen (from South Africa) joined in clapping sarcastically.