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Dr Miriam says: The average pulse rate in a healthy person is 72 beats in a minute but a slow pulse is generally considered to be very healthy indeed.
A fast, weak or irregular beat is a symptom of hyperthermia (overheating), while a slow pulse may indicate low blood pressure or thyroid problems.
The headset illumination offers 6 different modes and can be assigned to behavior and game specific profiles through the SteelSeries Engine, including: Active Mode (responsive pulsing to sound effects, music, and/or voice), Slow Pulse, Fast Pulse, High Bright, Low Bright and Off.
There were meetings, two or three times a week, in the Workmen's Hall and then the slow pulse of life quickened.
Symptoms include fatigue, feeling cold, dry skin, constipation, a slow pulse rate and low blood pressure.
Blue, which often ranks at the top of surveys exploring "favorite" colors, has been shown to slow pulse rate and lower body temperature.
Any abnormality, such as a slow pulse or a fast, weak pulse is cause for concern.
I know I have a slow pulse and decided to check my other symptoms on the internet, including irritability, being very sensitive to cold, weight gain, poor memory and concentration, and a croaky voice.