Small Business

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Small Business

A type of enterprise that is independently owned and operated, has few employees, does a small amount of business, and is not predominant in its area of operation.


Sole Proprietorship.

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56% of African-American small business owners rated their happiness at a nine or 10 (with 10 being the happiest), 6 percent more than the average small business owner.
Small Business Webinars
For The Hartford, a small business can be anything from a solopreneur just starting a venture to an established employer organization with millions in revenue, according to Lowell.
The winners for the 2019 Salute to Small Business Awards are:
Ms James, the Small Business Minister, said: "This Government's Industrial Strategy is building a Britain in which small business can continue to thrive.
This is the fourth year of the campaign, which last year saw PS623m spent with small businesses across the UK on Small Business Saturday, an increase of PS119m or 24 per cent on the previous year.
Owners were also asked in a separate sequence of questions to rate the importance of 15 specific issues to their small business when the new president -- whoever he or she should be -- takes office.
"Most people in this country either own a small business, work for a small business or know somebody who does so we are delighted to have been asked to champion Small Business Saturday 2016 in North Wales and to do what we can to get people thinking small."
The Small Business Book Awards celebrate the best business books that appeal to entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs, managers and their employees.
The good news for political leaders is that it is early days with a lot of time left to engage small business owners with commitments on the issues they care about.
Together, these ought to cement the important role small business plays not just in the U.S.

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