Small Business

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Small Business

A type of enterprise that is independently owned and operated, has few employees, does a small amount of business, and is not predominant in its area of operation.


Sole Proprietorship.

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TIC members surveyed bankers who serve small business clients to find out whether they believed such a revision would truly add value to financial statements.
The Small Business Administration's loan programs represent 40% of small business lending.
As the committee is aware, we have recently completed our second National Survey of Small Business Finances; Board staff are now processing the results of extensive interviews with more than 5,000 small business owners around the country.
Interested parties should contact their state society and/or The White House Conference on Small Business at (202) 724-0891 for conference registration material.
No one knows more about running a small business than the small business owners themselves," said Maltby.
Every small business has a selling process that is unique to its organization, product, service and industry," said Razi Imam, CEO of Landslide Technologies.
2) The revisions require larger depository institutions to disclose information about their small business lending and thereby sharpen the focus on such lending in the assessment of the performance of lenders covered by the act.
Proposed amendments to the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act would give small businesses the right to challenge government regulations, which the NFIB says bring enormous compliance costs.
Fostering small business development is in vogue partly because of this year's presidential election and knee-jerk concern for urban businesses since the Los Angeles riots.
However, since 2003, 13 federal investigations have found federal agencies and prime contractors like NASA have allowed billions in federal small business contracts to wind up on the desks of corporate giants.

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