Small Business

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Small Business

A type of enterprise that is independently owned and operated, has few employees, does a small amount of business, and is not predominant in its area of operation.


Sole Proprietorship.

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One refinement to the financial statement requirements for small business issuers adopted in April 1993 that received significant public support provides an automatic waiver of the requirements for one year of a significant acquired business's audited financial statements if they are not otherwise available and the significance of the acquisition does not exceed 40%.
Taking these developments into account along with the generally improving economy, it is not surprising that the volume of small business loans has been growing since last fall.
Considered by many to be the expert voice of entrepreneurship and small business best practices, Stephanie Frank reduces complex entrepreneurial issues to step-by-step money-making systems and teaches participants immediately implementable steps to bring their business to the next level.
The Federal Reserve believes that some small business loans that may not have been made because of a fear of regulatory criticism may now be extended in a manner consistent with safe and sound banking and with banks' traditional underwriting practices.
Thus, both improved supply and demand cyclical factors bode well for the outlook for increased small business lending.
Seventy percent of small business owners say an increase in the minimum wage to $7.
The advice and information offered in Smart Women and Small Business shows women the avenues and venues where their entrepreneurial aspirations can flourish.
Strauss, a small business owner himself, is the president of The Strauss Group, Inc: Strauss Law Firm, Strauss Seminar Co.
The Small Business Act requires that 23 percent of prime contract dollars go to small businesses.
The information provided so far is just what we expected and confirms the fact that the SBA is inflating government small business contracting statistics with awards to large corporations.
The American Small Business League (ASBL) is offering a $10,000 reward to the first individual who provides a complete, accurate, and verifiable list of all firms that were coded as small businesses, and the amounts they were awarded in federal small business contracts, for fiscal year 2005.
com Profiles Real Businesses, Offers Solutions to Challenges and Delivers Relevant Content to Small Business Owners

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