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It is small wonder that they struggle to concentrate after imbibing so much caffeine.
Small wonder that many people complain that the police and courts are too lenient towards offenders and disregardful of their victims.
Well now, small wonder since unions have never been a haven for conservative Republicans
They had been choreographing and dancing Broadway revues like Small Wonder and Lend an Ear.
We also surge ahead on teenage pregnancy, binge drinking and obesity - small wonder we need so much make-up, our European cousins might snigger.
Small wonder then that Vatican officials and many bishops experienced a "double take" at the alacrity, seriousness, and independence with which U.
Small wonder this fond and fizzy revue packed 'em in in Vegas.
Small wonder that these colleges were disinclined to rely on the regional university center strategy.
Small wonder, at a time of self-examination in social history, and amid the contemporary commonplaces about globalization and the rise of world history, that many social historians are calling for a more explicit and open-ended attention to spatial choices.
If, as Benedict says, there is a place in this church for both the living and the dead, small wonder that there should also be a place here for the most erudite scholar and the most accomplished artist as well as the most credulous peasant.
Small wonder that proposals to privatize the CPB get more support from the radical left than from Republican politicians, though of course the leftists don't call it "privatization.
Off stage, another star was the small wonder of the day.

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