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The author has organized the main body of her text in fourteen chapters devoted to the communication process, communication in the workplace, conflict, effective listening, nonverbal communication, participation and leadership in teams, small-group communication and problem solving, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Although numerous ways exist to facilitate this process, including involving students in the creation and implementation of these assessments, I will provide one example of assessing conscientization by placing it in the context of a service-learning project in a small-group communication class.
However, the assessment procedures that I address focus on a mid- to upper-level small-group communication course in which students are at least somewhat familiar with the concepts of hegemony and marginalization.
Because this hypothetical course is centered on small-group communication, instructors may wish to ask questions regarding the relationship between hegemony and small-group concepts.
Instructors may also ask students to respond in writing to open-ended questions about the role of hegemony in the context of small-group communication to discern students' depth of knowledge and how communication can be used as a tool to oppress or empower.
Walters, CFA, who directs professional standards and advocacy for the global association of investment professionals, said, "Clearly, many of our members feel that too many companies are taking an excessively conservative stance and misinterpreting the new regulation to mean that they should have no one-to-one or small-group communication with anyone at all.

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