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After a decade, "we would have the smallest ground force since 1940, the smallest number of ships since 1915, and the smallest Air Force in its history," the Pentagon chief said.
soldier in Dhi-Qar Province, being the month that had witnessed the smallest number of American casualties since 2003.
The smallest number of bonds that can be purchased is three pieces.
Inspired by the mystical sensation this land offers, the artist distills natureAAEs chaos into an image with the smallest number of elements, advocating that simplicity often works best.
Kidney disease affects the smallest number of Americans.
Summary: WASHINGTON - The US unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to 10 per cent in November as employers cut the smallest number of jobs since the recession began.
This would be the smallest number of children served since 2000.
It is the smallest number since the ministry launched the program in 1981.
Last month the state lost only 700 jobs, by far the smallest number in a year.
Our approach from the start therefore was to create a very straightforward, optimised site that would deliver maximum information with the smallest number of clicks to an audience who are recognised as having little available time and a limited attention span.
The study surveyed 1865 registered agreements and found that two of the industries with the highest number of female employees--hospitality and retail --had the smallest number of agreements with parental leave provisions.
Of those countries reporting cases, Britain had the smallest number of food-borne virus incidents according to the report at 0.