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The greatest total number of deaths was from T1 melanomas and the smallest number from T4, despite the fact that prognosis worsened as melanoma thickened from T1 to T4.
It was the smallest number of filings in any June since 1989.
At Neutrogena, we are driven by the dream of reducing the risk of skin cancer to the smallest number possible--zero," said Suzy DePrizio, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.
Llanelli had the smallest number of spoilt ballot papers in Wales at 40.
The 9-2 outsider of four Welsh Inlet carried the smallest number of remaining units in the finale but bolted in, meaning just 3.
The cuts would reduce the active-duty Army from its current size of about 490,000 soldiers to about 450,000, its smallest number since before the United States entered World War Two.
The smallest number of objectors on religious grounds falls on Jaiyl area, where 40 not vaccinated people are registered.
The number of firms that went into receivership, the other main form of corporate insolvency, fell by 21% to 724 in 2014, the smallest number recorded since 2007.
He said P177 million, the sixth largest DAP allocation, was "outrageous" for the country's "smallest district with the smallest population and smallest number of registered voters.
The smallest number of registered workers in terms of educational qualificaA[degrees] tion were those holding a PhD qualification, which totalled 2,611 workers.
The smallest number of registered workers in terms of educational qualification were those holding a PHD qualification, who amounted to 2,611 workers
The friendly against Norway attracted a record low attendance of 40,181, the smallest number to watch an England match at Wembley since it was re-built.