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The Smart House was contribution of the nation to the Smart Grid project, which is a joint venture between the Department of Public Utilities and Japan s New Energy and Industrial Technology and Development Corporation.
The Smart House project features a life-size pilot laboratory showcasing what sustainable construction will look like by 2030.
This new smart house will provide us with a single location to conduct demonstration testing that employs a number of advanced information and mobility technologies.
Developing technology linking smart meters to control electric power peak cuts/peak shifts in real-time for smart houses, buildings, etc.
Yoshida now saves 6-7,000 Yen with the smart house application.
Abstract: This paper presents the key results of creating an energy concept for a family house island system, a so-called Small Smart House built in the premises of the VSB--Technical University of Ostrava, in the Czech Republic.
The authors supply case studies based upon their own experiences in the field, as well as the Duke University Smart House Program that provided the motivation for this book.
Number 4 is a glossy take on some smart house music.
I designed a smart house in Korea that had a smart wardrobe that read the UPC codes of your garments so it knows your entire clothing and gives you alternatives every morning for diverse looks and combinations.
Edie, who has lived in her smart house for more than 50 years, was baffled about why the sex fiends were phoning her.
I suppose that's great if you're completely anal compulsive and neurotic, but I think the rest of us should be asking, 'What does a smart house really do?
Condominiums feature granite or marble tiles and countertops, hardwood flooring, five to nine-inch crown molding, whirlpool tubs, smart house technology and high speed Internet access.