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The franchise package, priced at $28,000, includes the iGeeks brand; extensive ongoing training; support, parts and supplies; a website, leads and marketing tools; and a logo-wrapped Smart Car. There are no ongoing fees.
The smart car was a co-production of the MoI and Lekhwiya.
Two women in the Smart car - the driver and a passenger - were injured.
The research about smart car includes the technology, methods of navigation, positioning, motion planning, and speed control.
Rycroft workers bidding to break the Smart Car world record with Middlesbrough Mayor Ray Mallon
But police had been alerted, spotted the Smart Car and stopped it.
The Smart Car Park program aims to relieve traffic problem in the city's historic quarters, while also providing drivers with some benefits such as saving on fuel costs and gaining time by using shuttles, which should ease congestion and reduce travel time.
Rising numbers of unsuspecting motorists are getting fines in the post after they are snared by the cameras mounted on Smart cars.
A force spokesman said: "The female driver of the Smart car sustained serious head and leg injuries.
With St Valentine's Day not far away car manufacturer Mercedes Benz is marketing a chocolate-themed version of its Smart car in Tokyo.
dealers are complaining that the two-seater Smart Car is scaring away customers who feel they need added passenger room.
Take another look at the fuel consumption and tax figures, and you will see why the Chancellor is not so fond of the Smart car.