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A history of punk - at its most vocal during the previous Labour Government - was attached to the note, hinting at the possible challenges posed by the Smash Hits interview.
Listen to a demo of Smash Hits and get all the info to launch in your market today at www.
Because unlike when we were teenagers and wanted to know if Prince was really singing 'Animals like Cheerios' in the song When Doves Cry - I recall Smash Hits unravelling the mystery by revealing he actually sang 'Animals strike curious poses' in its regular lyrics spot - the internet is answering the questions we used to ask of the Glossy Grail.
The closure of the magazine allows us to concentrate our resources on developing the Smash Hits brand on these emerging platforms.
That isn't exactly the message he sent with his recent pro-steroid tell-all, Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big.
SMASH Hits, the safest pair of hands in pop,kick off the '04 season with a surefire winner -I Luv Smash Hits 2004.
SCREAMS, screams, whistles and a few more screams, proof positive that the Smash Hits tour was in town.
MERSEYSIDE girl band Atomic Kitten collected the prize for Best Single for their smash hit Whole Again at the annual Smash Hits T4 Poll Winners Party.
Former EastEnder Sean Maguire makes his third Smash Hits appearance in as many years while new boy Kavanagh and the energetic Upside Down make their debuts.
They asked me to edit a book for Smash Hits and as soon as I got there I actually became the news editor and I was suddenly a pop journalist," he recalled.