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The smear campaign isn't limited to the group; youth activists and revolutionary movements have faced similar accusations, often being called thugs when protesting.
Some non-Muslim intellectuals are thinking that we Muslims react emotionally to smear campaigns because we don't have the knowledge to confront the critiques rationally," Akbar said while describing his organization's plan to hold a seven-month campaign to highlight the life and teachings of the Prophet.
He said that as part of the anti-Pyongyang smear campaign, U.
Just before Tucson went to the polls, Kolbe's enemies on the far right launched a smear campaign against him, plastering his district with slanderous posters that said KOLBE RAPED A BOY and KOLBE: I HAVE AIDS.
A British member of Parliament accused his opponents of launching a smear campaign against him in April by alleging that he had taken bribes from Saddam Hussein.
If, as Chief Constable Sean Price boldly declares today, there is a concerted smear campaign against him and his top team the implications are horrendous.
SUPPORTERS have demanded Britain's ambassador to Uzbekistan be returned to his post, after falling victim to a smear campaign.
Now Percy is a Hogwarts graduate and assistant to Minister Fudge, and his blind affection for his masters leads him to join the smear campaign against Harry.
The jury found that six of the seven defendants violated Bari and Cherney's First and Fourth Amendment rights by arresting the activists, conducting searches of their homes, and carrying out a smear campaign in the press, calling Earth First
THE Plaid Cymru MP who uncovered the Mittal scandal says he has been tipped off that the Labour Party is planning a smear campaign against him.
It buries the reader in a series of detail-driven sketches apparently intended to show how a group of basically decent guys (they were mostly guys) were driven bananas by a relentless delay and smear campaign orchestrated out of the White House.
But McKenna, who lives with his partner in Belfast, says there is a smear campaign against him which first began when he turned his back on the IRA.