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Botox or Restylane are used to reduce facial lines Collagen is used to plump up lips Most patients having the treatment are aged 30 to 45Seventy per cent of them are womenThe brow line and smile lines are the most popular areas to be treated
Her gently wrinkled face carries more smile lines than frown lines.
Complaints, when they arise, tend to be from women whose crow's feet have been treated and who find that without smile lines at the eyes, their smiles become ``too cheeky,'' Frankel said.
LAVIV is the resulting formulation of a person's own living, cultured fibroblast cells, which is then injected into moderate to severe smile lines.
Restylane Lyft combats these signs of aging by restoring volume to the midface, thereby reducing the appearance of smile lines and giving facial tissues a firmer, "lifted" appearance.
I purchased the On-In Beauty System and, like it said, in about two weeks I had rid myself of about half the lines on my face-mostly smile lines and crow's feet.
Marmur added: "She has normal smile lines and none of the tell-tale signs of Botox like a very flat forehead, or a widening of the area between the eyes.
My attitude is I don't deprive myself of anything" and claims that smile lines are 'beautiful'.
In just a few minutes Elaine can have the lines running from the sides of her nose to the corners of her mouth ( kindly known as smile lines ( banished with injections of hyaluronic acid, which is also just known as filler and is naturally found in our skin.