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The introduction of the smoke hoods tool will dramatically reduce the number of people that die from smoke inhalation in developing countries and change their lives for the better.
The PROVITA Smoke Hood is composed of advanced quality polymide film developed by DuPont[TM] sold under the registered trade mark KAPTON[R].
Recent tests confirmed that the emergency escape smoke hoods could fail to work properly, exposing the user to harmful carbon monoxide which could seriously compromise their ability to escape the fire threat.
But with a new, compact gadget known as a Smoke Hood, one can survive the smoke and get to safety.
The international development charity, based in Bourton on Dunsmore, near Rugby, believes it has a solution - a pounds 25 smoke hood that helps draw smoke out of the house, cutting particle levels by up to 70 per cent and keeping families safe.
Work unearthed an original, timber-framed smoke hood of the early construction, now restored and the only intact example in Britain.
Each Personal SafetyKit contains a flashlight, glowstick, sterilized water packets, personal locator alarm and smoke hood to preserve the essential life-saving functions of breathing, vision and voice.
It has also been working with a group of Maasai women in Kenya to develop a smoke hood that cuts the health-affecting indoor pollution from cooking fires.