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Given that human beings were the cause of most of last year's devastating wildfires in California, Smokey's message is arguably more relevant than ever.
Smokey Oakey has very sadly had to be put down after an accident in his stable.
If you want to get an idea of how great the smokey look is, have a peek at THETURKISH Delight advert from the 80s.
Smokey Point Distributing is a Daseke company, a Texas-based consolidator and flatbed and specialised transportation and logistics company.
The JEWEL.TONE SMOKEY We used: MUA Green Goddess, PS5 The MUA brand is a real Notebook fave, with palettes at incredible prices (15 colours here for a fiver!), and pigments as good as many 10 times the price.
Smokey Paws wants to extend the scheme across the country.
Smokey Bacon and Banana beer is amber brown in colour and pours with a thick white head.
Smokey Pastel comprises three permanent pastel shades designed for natural or colored light, medium, or dark blond or bleached hair--smokey blue, smokey pink and smokey lavender.
To recall R-II Builders and the National Housing Authority (NHA) formed a joint venture for the development of Smokey Mountain,wherein R-II Builders was supposed to finance all aspects of development - including the construction of 2,992 temporary housing and 3,520 units of medium-rise housing and the development of industrial/commercial site within Smokey Mountain area.
Smokey Dee's will be at Granazi Art Space every Thursday, Friday and Saturday during November, from 7pm until late, or until the food runs out.
The website also encourages users to take the "Get Your Smokey On" pledge.