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Sheep farmer and Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies said smokies could give Welsh farmers a much needed new income stream.
The sketch and information about the assault were being distributed to local businesses in hopes someone will come forward to help catch the Great Smokies Suspect.
If agreed, this would help to eliminate the driving force behind the current illegal production of smokies, which carries food safety risks to consumers and requires considerable enforcement activity," she said.
Research by the FSA and the UK meat industry has previously shown that smokies can be produced safely and hygienically in slaughterhouses.
Top Scottish chef Craig Somers, of Stonehaven's Carron Restaurant, which was named as Scotland's best seafood restaurant in 2006, said: "Hake smokies sound like a great idea.
Peter Hewson, FSA's deputy veterinary director, said the agency was keen for smokie production to be done legally.
Certain faiths require food to be prepared in strict ways, and I am sure people who eat smokies will be shocked when they see these pictures.
He also warned the illegal importation of possibly infected smokies risked spreading disease across the UK farming industry.
FISHERMEN battling to save the Arbroath Smokie want it officially recognised by the EU.
Every year, roughly 2,200 volunteers donate nearly 120,000 hours to the Smokies helping to maintain trails, serving as campground hosts and doing all kinds of things to make visitors feel welcome and learn more about the Park.
A new line of Arbroath "Fellowship" Smokies were launched this week by the Angus town's Rotary Club.
LEGALISING smokies will help to stem the flow of illegal bush meat through British borders, says the National Sheep Association.