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Why isn't there a single, centralized solution for storage management like SMS that really works across multiple operating systems?
The agreement allows SMS to offer customers a broader range of choices that may best meet their needs.
Electromyograms show that nerve cells of patients with SMS fire at a much higher rate than those of healthy people.
Table 1 - Mobile data revenues by operator - SMS and non-SMS - 2007 - 08Table 2 - SMS growth forecasts - 2003 - 2010Table 3 - Growth in Telstra SMS'sent- 2001 - 2007Table 4 - SMS market share by operator - 2006
In addition, for both business and personal use, SMS Virtual Private Network makes possible the creation of special SMS user groups of any size with special short dialing numbers and Call Line Identification (CLI) recognition for nicknames.
The offering combines MCTEL's SMS Hubbing platform with its direct SS7 access and to Amobee's purpose-built unified mobile ad-serving and campaign management solution for ad-funding multiple mobile services, including SMS, browsing, video, music and games.
More than 300 clients across financial services, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, consumer products and pharmaceutical industries utilize Symphony SMS to gain control of expenses, improve their bottom line and optimize performance.
Charles Key, the CEO of Key Sports Management, brokered the deal between Smart SMS Corp.