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ABOUT THE BOOK: TITLE: Under The Radar SUBTITLE: How the Open Source Sneak Attack is Transforming the
Formed out of the ashes of the renowned Sneak Attack Tigers by frontman Paul McLaughlin and keyboard player Jim Lang, the five-piece outfithave more in common with Neil Young and The Flaming Lips than ceilidhs - although they do admit to extensive use of the glockenspiel where necessary.
An Aussie powerhouse in the tradition of Mumford, Bartie and Jeff "Skunk" Williams, Cale pulled a sneak attack on the US with retardedly-good ads featuring the newest trend in skating: gigantic and tech.
There were two memorial services on Oahu to commemorate the 1941 sneak attack and the valiant effort by the survivors to stop terrorism.
Strategies such as using the terrain to protect a weak flank from sneak attack, or luring enemy forces into a deadly trap, add a dimension to the game that players wonUt be able to find anywhere else.
Now state based conservative groups are coming together to share their views with inside the beltway heavyweights to speak out against the inclusion of Big Sugar in a back door, sequestered sneak attack.
Days later, the soldiers came under a hail of gunfire from Afghan rebels dressed as policemen and armed with AK-47 assault rifles, who launched a sneak attack.
Sixty years ago today, planes carrying the Imperial Japanese rising sun insignia filled the skies over Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, during a sneak attack that killed 2,335 servicemen and 68 civilians.
Fashion is already widely on display at SXSW, whether it's the bands onstage, the fans in the crowd, or the brands participating in the event," said Joah Spearman, the event's co-founder and owner of pop-up sneaker boutique, Sneak Attack.
The network will cover the memorial service in Hawaii on the USS Arizona, one of the 21 vessels sunk, beached or damaged in the sneak attack that drew the United States into World War II.
Major General Peter Cosgrove, commander of the peacekeeping forces, said last night: "This was a sneak attack on our forces and we responded under the rules of the mandate given to us.
This sneak attack on taxpayers was utterly irresponsible," says Michigan Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Rich Studley.