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Instead of snow tires, he's pushing high-speed trains that would link major cities of the West.
Everyone in the service industry has heard the story about the Nordstrom sales associate who refunded a set of snow tires at a customer's request.
Snow tires are constructed to grip snowy surfaces and to stay pliable in the cold.
Normally, the best combination for winter driving is using snow tires and keeping a set of reinforced chains in the truck for severe road conditions.
In a city where out-of-the-closet Republicans are rarer than snow tires, Chetwynd morphed into a Reagan conservative who wrote speeches for the former president and recently supported "Dubya" Bush with more than just his vote.
According to published reports, it won't be long before Eastern European consumers will be stacking a case of frozen pizzas in heir hopping cart on top of a set of snow tires.
Under hazardous conditions, state highway departments may close roads or allow only vehicles that have tire chains or snow tires, or four wheel drive with adequate tires.
Never put non-radial snow tires on the rear if radials are on the front, except when the vehicle has duals on the rear.
Another referred to one in which two students in wheelchairs are trying to negotiate a snowy sidewalk when one says to the other, "think snow tires.
Allen, William Clark, Robert McFarlane, and John Poindexter, it grew still larger and more powerful, sometimes confused with a drug or arms cartel, dabbling occasionally in snow tires for Oliver North or furtive White House tours for right-wing contributors.
html to make an informed decision about which snow tires may be best for you.
Though car owners can avoid many of the hassles associated with winter driving, such as replacing fluids for ones formulated for low temperature or purchasing snow tires, there are still some things to consider during the fall and winter months.