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Waste chief Euan Snowie said he feared for his family's safety while walkers were on his 70-acre Stirlingshire estate.
But a judge said evidence indicating there was a security threat was "wholly unreliable" and that the section of land Snowie wanted to ban the public from was "far too much".
A sheriff declared Euan Snowie, 39, who made his fortune in the waste disposal business, had asked for "far too much" of his Boquhan Estate to be exempted from right-to-roam legislation.
The lawman, who visited the estate last year, said Mr Snowie seemed to view any visitors as suspicious.
Where snowies can be found in North America after nesting
After all, aged 22, he's no spring chicken himself, with Snowies only living until their 30s.
The Snowies have applied to have that notice ruled illegal.
SNOWIE is considered the most comprehensive winter cloud-seeding study to date.