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A sheriff declared Euan Snowie, 39, who made his fortune in the waste disposal business, had asked for "far too much" of his Boquhan Estate to be exempted from right-to-roam legislation.
Waste chief Euan Snowie said he feared for his family's safety while walkers were on his 70-acre Stirlingshire estate.
After all, aged 22, he's no spring chicken himself, with Snowies only living until their 30s.
The Snowies have applied to have that notice ruled illegal.
As for snowies and yellowedge grouper, you could fish for them the rest of your life and not catch a Warsaw or a Kitty Mitchell.
Not many anglers were aware that you could push the limits of conventional deep jigin 200 feet, up the ante to and catch deepwater uper, snowies and yellow edge them, along with other pecies, all on conventional tackle, FS ran the story I wrote about /trip with the Delphs down in West.