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Type Variable Explanation Social Protection EduExp Education Expenditures % Tax Revenueand Total Govt.
The report found six countries need to open up new fiscal space--India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka--to meet minimum requirements to fund social protection investments.
Universal social protection ensures that anyone who needs social protection can access it at any time.
Furthermore, the majority of the benefits were cash benefits (e1/42.769 bln), whereas benefits in kind constituted only 19.9% of the total of social protection benefits (e1/4686 mln).
Valentina Buliga outlined the reforms, legislative initiatives, cooperation projects in social protection of children in Moldova.
Mr Ruto said that an additional 530,000 people above 70 years will start receiving cash by month's end.Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection says that only elderly people who do not receive pension are eligible for the cash transfer programme.
Social protection represented the largest area of general government expenditure in 2016 in all EU Member States.
The new EU funded program has been designed in support of the upcoming Palestinian Social Protection Sector Strategy and the National Policy Agenda 2017-2022.
Papers from a June 2013 workshop, oInterpreting and Advancing WomenAEs Rights to Social Security and Social Protection,o examine female poverty from the perspective of human rights principles such as gender equality.
The program defines the objectives of the social protection system for the next three years, includes ways to achieve the goals and aims to improve the social protection based on the analysis results of the development strategy of social protection for 2012-2014, the authorities report.
31, TurkStat compared social protection support expenditures in Turkey with those of EU countries.
GAMMARTH (TAP) - Work of the National Conference on Social Protection started Thursday in Gammarth.

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