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Social activists have said the Indian cabinet's plan to propose the promulgation of an ordinance revising the land acquisition Act 2013 is only meant to forcibly acquire 3.
The social activist was speaking to media persons at Ralegan Siddhi.
The corrupt officials, drug smugglers, the warlord and mafia will continue to threat journalists and social activist to keep them shut.
Meanwhile, India's opposition parties forced the adjournment of the proceedings of both houses of parliament for the day after the detention of the social activist, who had garnered huge nationwide support for his fast.
At his hand rural meets urban foodie meets social activist and the raw meets the well-refined.
Palacios develops an elaborate model that suggests that there are four different categories of social activists in both countries: ecclesiastical, Christian inspired, social ministry, and faith based activists.
But Huffman is considered a lightning rod with legendary credentials as a social activist.
His predecessor, Archbishop Edward (Ted) Scott was "a social activist and a visionary.
But the Catholic actor and social activist says his own devotion to the rosary is not an act.
He was a bright student, a social activist, and, at least in one case, a totally unconvincing actor.
Now Tredegar House, near Newport, is playing host to an exhibition charting Robeson's varied life as a lawyer, artist, singer-song writer, Hollywood star and international social activist.