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Another social activist Shahana Shah said she feels empowered due to her work as she was excercising her will to deal with matters.
Several businesswomen and social activists have signed up to run in the elections, the first in which women are allowed to run and vote.
Neelam Ibrar Chattan, a female social activist also expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of lawmakers from the valley, especially Murad Saeed, terming it a non-political attitued.
The social activist noted that she'd filed a lawsuit to the Constitutional Chamber into 7 provisions, including violation of personal information [distribution].
Social activists have said the Indian cabinet's plan to propose the promulgation of an ordinance revising the land acquisition Act 2013 is only meant to forcibly acquire 3.
In Guna, P has fielded social activist Shailendra Singh Kushwaha.
The corrupt officials, drug smugglers, the warlord and mafia will continue to threat journalists and social activist to keep them shut.
The social activist said his country is in a confused state of mind and the people are in search of the 'right path'.
Police in India's capital on Tuesday detained a prominent social activist who had vowed to fast until death to demand a tougher anticorruption law.
Written by former social activist, investor, advisor, and principle of Potential Inc.
But Huffman is considered a lightning rod with legendary credentials as a social activist.