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Social activist and a project officer at the Aurat Foundation Fatimah Shah said that the women of the urban areas and working women were having many issues but they should realize that they are the important segment of the society.
According to Okaz, Luma Al Sulaiman, a businesswoman, Hala Hakim, a legal consultant and former media figure, Zabi, a social activist and a consultant, Rasha Hifdhi, a social activist, Amal Al Abadi, Basma and Zainab Al Attas are among the candidates in Jeddah.
Led by popular social activist Medha Patkar, NAPM, said : ''This is only being done as a measure to benefit the corporate houses and nothing else.
The social activists demanded of Pakistan TehreekeInsaf government to launch accountability from district Karak.
However, social activists, particularly those against the Lavasa hill city at Pune, have grabbed this opportunity to target the NCP chief.
We have identified six places connected with social activists in the state and have received their consent to allow tourists to see the villages and facilities that they have created for the welfare of the people.
Social activist Mahender Singh will contest on an P ticket from North West Delhi.
Lately a number of journalists and social activists have either been arrested or threatened to stop their activities.
28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Latin Heritage Foundation announces an International Literary Contest joining the call of the Cuban Chapter of intellectuals, artists and social activists from the net "In Defense of Humanity"to support Bolivarian Venezuela.
Founded in 1976 by social activists Sister Mary Jo Leddy and Fr.
Write your political leaders, area business owners, social activists, religious figures, families, and friends to help educate and support the pursuit of an even more basic right than the freedom of speech: the freedom of humanity and equality.
A thoughtful and critically written dissection of a hot-button social topic, "Identity Crises" should be considered "must reading" for all social activists concerned with the growing domination of government into personal lives and liberties of American citizens.

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