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Diep Syeda, a social activist affiliated with the Institute for Peace and Secular Studies, said it was unfortunate that the world was celebrating international day of human rights and they were holding a press conference for the recovery of an activist who championed the same cause.
As it frequently happens, social activists very often project their own needs as the needs of the people.
Social activist Mahender Singh will contest on an P ticket from North West Delhi.
Lately a number of journalists and social activists have either been arrested or threatened to stop their activities.
He plans to be more interventionist and take the issues up to the politicians, bureaucrats and other social activists to ensure proper results.
Come in the Worker's Only entrance of the Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco, and meet cheesemonger Gordon Edgar, ex-punk rocker, (slightly) subdued social activist, cheese doler, and storyteller.
In this integrative and institutionally grounded perspective, social activists carry out acts of charity organized in tandem with lobbying for the social and economic welfare of under privileged persons living in the United States.
A thoughtful and critically written dissection of a hot-button social topic, "Identity Crises" should be considered "must reading" for all social activists concerned with the growing domination of government into personal lives and liberties of American citizens.
A work of impressive scholarship and detailed research, Home Economics is a seminal contribution to professional, governmental, and academic library collections--and highly recommended reading for immigration policy makers and social activists involved with immigration issues.
There are social forces and social activists propelling change as well as those fighting to turn back change.
Headed by Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum, the Yes Men are a band of social activists who thrive on spoofing the policies of a politician or corporation.
Saar's art is a rich feast of images featuring butlers, day laborers and maids who are also revolutionaries and social activists, and they are intertwined with the artist's own vision of race, class, women's issues, and her mysterious encounters with the invisible.

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