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The amount of money allocated for social benefits increased by 6% in 2017.
1 per cent on paid sick leave benefits as a percentage of total social benefits.
23 ( ANI ): Britain on Thursday expressed its delight over the progress being made on cyber security ties with India and reiterated its commitment to maintain increasing economic and social benefits between the two countries in the cyber space sector.
Development of single social benefits management support scheme (eszer) in the framework of the project kfop-1.
This volume outlines the nature, measurement, and valuation of the private and social benefits of higher education (mainly in the US), with special emphasis on the non-market private and social benefits, direct and indirect effects, and short and long-term effects, in relation to the total investment costs.
Morphing from "triple bottom line," to "enlightened capitalism," to "benefit corporation," the names for the increasingly common focus of businesses on social benefits in addition to profits have evolved over the past forty years.
It is important to include both factors that affect the financial cost and those which provide social benefits to society when measuring the viability of high-speed rail.
It must be acknowledged that the applicant has provided evidence which shows that the development would be a significant investment for Abersoch and that there will be significant economic and social benefits," says a report to the planners.
There is little doubt that there are a number of social benefits associated with recreation, leisure, or sport participation; however there is considerably less empirical support documenting the social benefits of intramural sports participation.
The council's scrutiny board minutes quote the council leader and colleagues: "If the wider social benefits were not outlined in a bid then they could not be taken into account.
On average in the EU27, old age and survivors benefits accounted for 45% of total social benefits and were the leading item of social protection spending in almost all the member states.
We can get a glimpse at this growth by considering the evolution of social benefits to persons, shown in Figure 1.