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Since impersonation, theater's fundamental trope, involves the illusory transformation of the actor's everyday identity through costume, language, and gesture, early modern dramatic performance implicitly parodied the boundaries of social caste and, not surprisingly, gender roles.
Far from rendering gender as an undifferentiated category of analysis, Hills demonstrates that elite Neapolitan nuns' virginal identity was self-consciously exclusive to members of their social caste and relied in large part upon the strategic deployment of familial privilege and pressure.
Their own Government has failed to help rebuild their communities, largely because of the low social caste that many of the cyclone's victims come from.
A handsome entry in the Indian drama movie niche between pure Bollywood and indic art cinema, "Chandni Bar" confidently retells a favorite theme--the tragedy of characters doomed never to break free of their social caste.
By the sixteenth century, it had emerged as a social caste.