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Social distance and mental illness: Attitudes among mental health and non mental health professionals and trainees.
For each value of delay and social distance, an agreement was scored if a measure by two independent observers were within [+ or -].
Beliefs that Influence Desire for Social Distance and Restrictions
When talking about social distance in the Chinese society, the concepts of "ingroup" and "outgroup" are important.
The higher the score, the greater social distance the individual wishes to have with that particular group.
Social distance has been studied by researchers since Emory Bogardus (1925) first developed the social distance scale almost nine decades ago.
Bogardus' social distance and racial distance is translated into physical distance between homes (where we go and close ourselves in when it is dark).
Indirection (generally, Brown and Levinson's "off-record strategy") is a politeness tool of enormous value in situations of social distance or other factors that make a conversational act difficult or dangerous to an individual's face (Brown and Levinson 74-78).
Hypothesis 3: As women grow older, they are more concerned about social distance in perfume selection than its basic function (providing a pleasing aroma).
Even if the social distance between you and your partner is small, incorporating his or her personality into your preferred way of working can be difficult.
The discovery, described in an issue of the journal Nature Neuroscience, could offer insight into autism and other disorders where social distance is an issue.
The rsearchers say that their findings may offer insight into autism, and other disorders where social distance is an issue.