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Karymian, Cognitive Social Knowledge Grid Infrastructure for Collaborative Environments
Then, we built a single application test with 8 tasks about physical knowledge and 8 tasks about social knowledge.
A Federal initiative is urgently needed to incorporate cultural and social knowledge of adversaries into training, education, planning, intelligence, and operations.
Global Institutions and Social Knowledge Virginia M.
However, research has shown that individuals contribute differently to social knowledge construction processes (Salomon & Globerson, 1989; Kerr & Bruun, 1983).
Vancouver's Association for Social Knowledge and Ottawa's Committee of Social Hygiene were earnest, closeted, rather cautious, and of limited effectiveness.
Placement called for "specialized social knowledge.
The dissemination of social knowledge via song knowledge, I argue, is a means of narrating one's own lifeworld and those of others, shaping a sense of personhood, obligation and affiliation for both singer and listeners.
Rexroth examines opening ceremonies at German universities to see what ritual and the creation of social knowledge can reveal.
This issue is more accentuated in the preparation of English teachers, since language arts is predominantly social knowledge.
This study showed that literacy is not totally in the domain of social knowledge.
These modules surround the taxonomy and encompass the concepts of individual as well as social knowledge, both discovered and undiscovered.

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