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Skills in lateral thought, abstract concepts, social mores, verbal and non-verbal communications, along with sensitivity and a tolerance of bizarre or shocking behavior, are essential.
Yet, in his frequent satire of social mores, he was without rancor.
Alnoy's is an ugly duckling tale that is truly ugly, and is a bracing, ironic commentary on contemporary European social mores.
Rutland skillfully weaves two tales--the story of a marriage and the racial shaking of American society during the latter half of the 20th century--brilliantly examining changes in women's roles and social mores, as the couple's lives are played out against a timeline of American history.
Restrictions began to loosen along with social mores in the late 1960s, but there are still prohibitions on showing genitalia to this day.
This book is weakened, however, by its tendency to divorce evolving social mores from structures of political and economic power.
Capitalism institutionalizes the social mores of modernity, and regiments society in accord with the iron logic of the market, to the exclusion of other, noneconomic values.
We encounter successes and failures, creativity and bureaucracy, proclamation of the gospel to an emerging nation and surrender of the gospel to "the social mores of the dominant culture.
From Reformation to Improvement is as thought-provoking for what it suggests about recent political debates about the role of the state, the nature of public good, the reform of social mores, and the amelioration of want and suffering as for what it says about the past.
Topham said that the original legislation of the 1960s was fit for the purpose, but "over time, as technologies and social mores have changed, its relevance has become much reduced.
In the coming years a myriad of factors will influence American firearms and the men and women who own them -- from electronics to politics, social mores to global economics.
As the opportunities continue to grow, our sites and programs will need to become very sophisticated in terms of cultural integration, social mores, international travel, currency, and language.