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Interestingly, the Tim Cook-helmed company could have bigger plans for this purchase since it was already found out that the social network will shut down by the end of February.
The training course covers a number of themes, such as the importance of social networks, the reasons for their use, the criteria for selecting the platform, managing content on the social networks, and criteria for monitoring individual and organizational use of these networks.
To participate in a social network site a user constructs a profile and by this act the social networker becomes real in a virtual world.
Unlike social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which are public, enterprise social networks are closed communities.
More than a quarter (27%) of ASNs check a social network about every hour.
Moreover, using a social network identity means users don't have to remember rarely used passwords or endure convoluted password reset processes when they forget them.
This momentary increase in self-esteem leads them to display less self-control after browsing a social network," they added.
This exploitation process is aided by the inability of users (and their stored objects) to determine the legitimacy of content flowing through the social network.
In the author's opinion, the term social networks better describes engagements that occur with the listening and sharing of ideas, videos, and links on social networking sites.
My first venture into social network sites began about five years ago, in 2005, with the professional social networking site LinkedIn.
The members of Corporate Grapevine are the force behind this free social network website.
lt;p>Survey respondents were also asked which social network they believed posed the biggest security risk and 60 percent said Facebook.