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Social networking sites cannot be banned, but rules about using them need to be much clearer.
In this sense, the minority concludes that identification of a lawyer who may appear before a judge as a 'friend' on a social networking site does not convey the impression that the person is in a position to influence the judge and does not violate Canon 2B," the opinion said.
XSS vulnerabiliies are nothing new to social networking sites of course, and can be a highly effective way to spread malware quickly.
While many young people who do not like the way their social networking site is evolving merely seek a "do over" and abandon the earlier site to set up a new one, the information is still available on the original site.
8 million people across UK are registered to a social networking site.
But again, only 9% of all preteens and teens reported being harassed while on a social networking site specifically.
Q A I like the idea of using social networking sites, as they have been helpful for my new Internet design business.
The man got Jessi's phone number off her profile on MySpace, the most popular of the dozens of social networking sites on the Internet.
With more than 950 million active users, Facebook is the most popular social networking site, followed by Twitter and MySpace.
Summary: His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, came in the thirteenth place on the list of the 15 most renowned political figures on the social networking site "Twitter", gaining 1.
The social networking site has more than 350 million users, so what it does in the name of privacy is important.
Telecommunications companies, including Telefonica O2, Deutsche Telekom, and British Telecommunications, were the heaviest social networking site advertisers, delivering more than 949 million display ad impressions on social networking sites in August, or approximately 7 percent of all display ads delivered in the site category.