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The edifice of social order rests on shared expectations that the members of a society hold towards one another.
A word of caution then: There are efforts that only reinforce the existing social order, which oppresses and discriminates against the majority, including women.
Given that a diverse society is composed of heterogeneous agents with differing understandings of the social order, what then is justice?
operationalize the social order dynamic by clarifying its elements.
This volume explores the symbolic role of technology, particularly visual technologies like photography, film, and video, in conflicts between agribusiness corporations and farm workers of color in California from the 1940s and 1990s to show their views of a future social order: agribusiness futurism that foresees a corporate utopia in which technology eliminates workers, and farm worker futurism that emphasizes an egalitarian social order.
From the colonial period onwards, there has been a marked expansion in the range of formal and informal institutions enforcing regimes of law and social order across Africa.
Hayek, and Vernon Smith have made bold claims about the role of religion in the emergence and maintenance of the social order.
Summary: The social order will remain a priority in the coming year, despite the change of government.
The social order on the project will be executed by the Ene Meerimi Public Association.
Managed lives; psychoanalysis, inner security and the social order.
We are left in no doubt about the difficulty of constructing a viable social order among white people in the Leewards.
Knox and Syd live in an advanced technological society where the social order includes Patrons, who are the wealthy, privileged elite, and the underclass Proxies.