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David's double life as a social outcast at school and a warden's assistant at a local nature reserve gave the drama its spectacular backdrop.
The odious jock, you will recall, became a social outcast after she sold topless pictures of Sophie Rhys-Jones to a shameless downmarket rag.
It meant she felt like a "social outcast" because she was too embarrassed to shower with school pals or go swimming.
A dole super-grass shopped THIRTY of his workmates - and now he's a social outcast.
Even worse, Simpson the social outcast has seen his millions almost wiped out.
As people start pressuring Malia to favour her school's team, she must choose between calling a fair game and becoming a social outcast.
The discussion combines elements of social, technological, and cultural criticism to demonstrate that negative stereotypes of gaming and gamers, such as the gamer as social outcast, still persist in science fiction.
In middle school I was a social outcast, the bottom rung of the social ladder.
If he commits such blunders defied the basic norms of the society, he will definitely become not only unpopular but a social outcast.
She is friendless (and a social outcast) because she busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops, so now nobody will talk to her, let alone listen to her.
People have tried prayer, drugs, magic, endelessly repeated verses, or immobility, but I believe I am the only one who found an answer: writing." Thus begins Kamel Daoud's second novel, Zabor ou Les psaumes, in which a social outcast in an isolated village finds his purpose in life by staving off other people's deaths through his writing.
ASOCIAL media is an integral part of the social fabric for today's kids, so deeply entrenched that taking it away isn't the solution, and could lead to them feeling like a social outcast.