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But free from prison, Gulnaz faced a life of isolation and poverty as mothers without husbands are shunned by their communities and their own families and become social outcasts.
The young woman, on the other hand, faces a life sentence as a social outcast and, unless there is a real man out there brave enough to take her hand in marriage, will probably spend it alone.
Since he has always been a social outcast, he is used to it; but it kills him to see Sophie become an outcast once she reveals to their high school world that the two are a couple.
In this day and age where everyone is obsessed with healthy eating, admitting you like junk food can make you feel like a social outcast, but if you're craving some naughty treats, check out junkfoods.
Fogg in High School" is the story of Fogg, a social outcast with a mother overwhelmed with depression and an alcoholic father, something many readers will surely relate to.
Comic, writer, actor, radio talk show host, social outcast Will Durst would pay to see Ann Coulter in a burqa.
Oddly, if you don't drink you are considered a social outcast while, if you do, you're "normal".
Jesus was a naive social outcast with a rebellious spirit, bitter after childhood rejection.
He knew it wasn't true, but he also realized that his physical appearance made him a social outcast and a target.
Society was to be organized in a hierarchy of magistrates; the rebel would be a social outcast to be silenced at all costs.
No one, including Hallelujah's parents, will listen to her side of the story, so she retreats into silence and accepts her punishments and status as social outcast.
SEX attacker Anthony Lyons has become a social outcast since his jail release, the Court of Criminal Appeal was told yesterday.