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If conservatives seek to distort and belittle the social role of religious altruism, then opening the federal treasury to churches is a promising beginning.
Respect for autonomy captures the individual interests of each patient beyond the social role of being a patient.
This can lead to reduction in behavioral skills or performance of tasks (disability) or deficits in fulfillment of social role (handicap)" (Granger, 1984, p.
He explained that the priority of KFH s social role is embodied in the contribution of improving the development project of the country and serving all segments of society, in addition to supporting projects executed by charitable institutions and associations.
A social role consists of a "pattern of behaviors and attitudes related to a specific function or position as defined and expected by society" (Abney, 1992/1993, p.
The hypothesis stated that gender and social role (that of leaders versus helpers) would interact in predicting the affective tone and themes (agency and communion) of an autobiographical memory for previous leadership experiences.
We believe that religion, including humanistic religion, plays its most important social role when it stands outside the precincts of secular power and critiques the abuses of government from the plateau of higher moral ideals.
A woman's childbearing ability guarantees a social role for mothers as a biological necessity.
The restoration of art's social role, he suggested, would hinge on the understanding of the meaning of exchange itself, no matter the market.
The plight of the Western schizophrenic person and the way in which the social role and alienation of the psychotic person shape the course of the illness are examined in Chapter 8.
Concepts like social role valorization reframe the experiences, services and supports for people with disabilities so that they are done in the most typical of settings.
Apart from this social role, Fitch's global rating methodology for all financial institutions considers the systemic role an institution has in the domestic economic base as well as its participation in international capital markets.

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