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Of the secondary interventions sampled, school-to-home communication was the most available intervention followed by small group social skills training designed to teach positive peer interaction skills.
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The recommendations cited in this article use as a point of departure the Education Trust's position that skill deficits can be overcome with supplemental instruction such as social skills training.
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Byker Housing Association was founded in 1973 and provides services for around 700 people who are homeless or living in hostels, including housing, primary health care, social skills training and counselling and support.
Over the years, students with disabilities have been recognized as having social deficits and being in need of social skills training (Margalit, 1991), yet little research is available that focuses on the feelings of the students concerning their social situation and sense of alienation.
These findings suggest helping introverts cope better with social situations through specific social skills training packages would make some smokers more confident of their ability to ditch the habit.