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Gordon has devoted much of her research to examining conditions like head lice that contribute to social stigma.
This can also help in dispelling the gloom of social stigma.
For example, social stigma is negatively related to attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help because people tend to avoid making negative judgments about others (Deane & Chamberlain, 1994).
Consumers who use e-cigarettes still enjoy the experience of smoking without the social stigma and other negative effects of tobacco smoke, such as inhaling tar, producing messy ashes and carrying an unpleasant tobacco smell.
Mahasen Saber, a divorcee, started "Divorce Radio," an online radio station that aims to create a supportive community for divorced women while simultaneously striving to eliminate the associated social stigma.
While social stigma appears to be the largest factor influencing the slowdown in home-buying activity, it is clear the effects of the spill are being felt well inland from the coast.
The Dispatches team follows four girls as they struggle to cope with the crimes committed against them and fight the social stigma that comes with the abuse.
The second reason is the social stigma and lack of familial support Saudi women get when they decide to enter the field.
1) However, problems connected with the disease's social aspects, such as social stigma and discrimination, persist, (2,3) and Hansen's disease should still be considered a public health and social issue which continues to require public involvement for resolution.
A CAMPAIGN aimed at reducing the social stigma attached to mental health problems hits the streets of Hartlepool on Saturday.
In regions outside of sub-Saharan Africa, it is most common among people on the margins of society, and can be the source of social stigma if it is associated with deviant behaviour, immorality, lack of faith in God or divine punishment for sex-related sins.