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Fair trade and socially responsible financing: complementary concepts
Yet they were consistently denied the socially responsible label, something that bothered Ahrens.
By integrating clients' savings, investment, philanthropic and tax strategies with socially responsible values, these green financial advisors are helping to leverage hundreds of millions of dollars for worthy causes every year in the U.
In his latest book, Profitable Socially Responsible Investing, Lane talks about how to make investments that reward companies that promote civil rights, including gay rights.
CBIS), the leader in Catholic socially responsible investing, during the League's tenth annual spring gathering recently.
SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT (SRI) is becoming a mainstream investing style around the world.
This special investment planning section offers CPAs some help with that unenviable task by highlighting opportunities in socially responsible investing, offering practice tips from experienced planners, introducing new technology that may revolutionize how planners and investors access a company's financial information and providing an overview of some of the "hot buttons" that drive investment planning today.
And although these funds define socially responsible in a number of ways, sustainability is invariably part of the mix.
The investor group, a coalition led by the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility, the New York group at the center of socially responsible investment, was preparing to confront Kraemer at the annual meeting.
Employees have better self-images if they are working for a company with a reputation for socially responsible behavior.
In many cases, green investing is part of a broader socially responsible financial strategy.
There is a debate that has been around since the 1970s, when socially responsible mutual funds first appeared on the scene.

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