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According to the patent, the social media giant wants to build a system that collects users' personal data, such as education, homeownership and internet usage, in order to predict their socio-economic status, Daily Mail reported on Saturday.
Family factors relate to socio-economic status including parents' qualifications and occupation, family size, income and social standing in society and home environment.
6) As well, it has been long known that breastfeeding rates are affected by socio-economic status, and those in lower income brackets are less likely to breastfeed, (7) therefore there is the possibility that breastfeeding rates could have affected the study findings.
Ethnicity or migrant status may also be associated with socio-economic status.
In addition, socio-economic status is one of the most important environmental risk factors of psychological health.
DISCUSSION: Socio-economic status is one of the major contributory factors in maintaining the maternal nutrition, providing proper antenatal care and in turn the outcome of pregnancy,.
Americans of higher socio-economic status certainly have greater economic resources, and can likely afford to buy alcohol when they want to drink.
2% of the students' belonging to lower socio-economic status while 4.
Table 1: Frequency of vasomotor symptoms in women with high and low socio-economic status.
1972) suggested that socio-economic status was a stronger determinant of academic achievement than school related effects.
And since socio-economic status is the single greatest predictor of health, it serves to explain why children in single-father households may be less likely to be obese.
Parent leaders and principals from low socio-economic status considered to be change agents in their community were interviewed.

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